How to find cheap flights during the school holidays.

UK Summer, Easter, Christmas and half term dates only

cheap school holiday flights

Bobs flight alerts are here to help you find your ideal school holiday prices

We understand that travelling during the school holiday months the airlines put up their prices, but our team will identify any price drops or error mistake fares for the school holiday break dates in the UK

Depending on your budget we email you our flight alerts as soon as we find them.

Below we have a few examples of what we have found recently

Dont want to miss out on an airline error mistake fare during the school holidays again?

Booking early

We find a lot of the flight alerts we email out on how to get cheap flights during school holidays are for travel dates between 6 and 11 months in advance. This is based on good airline deals that are released or wrong airline classes added which will produce an amazing mistake fare. Our premium service will advise on all these advance flight alerts in the email.

Paying in advance

One small problem with some of these amazing flight prices we find! They will require you to issue the ticket straight away. Understanding that costs are sometimes tight, we would really highly recommend getting an interest free credit card to purchase the tickets and spreading the cost over a longer period of time.

Compare flights with all airfare sources

We will of course do all this hard work for you, when finding cheap flight prices during school holiday dates. We check all the normal meta search engines as well as some of the airlines systems too.

Baggage allowance

Most of our flights we will try and show you will include baggage allowance, but occasionally we will show it without if for a budget airline that we think you could pack an onboard case for.

Be flexible with your dates

The big ask we have is please be flexible with your summer holiday dates. This really gives us a chance to find some really good flight prices on a good 6 week period. Plus we know that some schools now have 2 weeks in October so some will show that too.

Finding cheap Christmas school holiday flights

Christmas is pretty fixed much fixed so sometimes if you could leave on the Thursday or the Friday before they break up that could really help. Returning between the 30the December and the 1st January can also save quite a few pounds.

Cheap flight during Easter school holidays

Our Easter school holiday flight alerts are normally the ones that most people want to travel on; the recent benefit has been some schools have broken up a week earlier, which can really give way to clenching that bargain. Some of these amazing flight alerts we will email you may require you to leave on the Thursday or Friday before the peak Saturday or leave on the Sunday or the Monday. Either way all will be explained on the email.

Cheap school Half Term flights

When looking on finding our cheap flights during the half term school weeks of both February and May, we try to send over more of Europe flights and also take the time to look at the hotels in that area to get an idea of what the overall cost will be for you.

Last Minute flights

For those who are willing to book late (28days before your want to fly) the main schedule airlines have quite a few cancellations due to travel agents holding seats that are no longer required. These can produce some peak dates at really cheap prices.

Save money on extras

And finally don't forget to budget for the extras that you will need, this will normally include travel insurance, airport parking, transfers, car hire and travel money.

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