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Finding those cheap flights among the thousands that are seen everyday is like a mine field. How do you know what a good deal is and when do you buy them?

Our Cheap flight alerts will keep you informed of all this and more. Let�s take a look at what it takes to find a cheap flight deal.

Where to start
Google flights is a good place to start looking, especially if you know where you want to go. After you enter your dates and destination the fun begins. First off if you are flexible with you dates use the price graph to display airline airfares for the month that you are looking at. The graph offers a lot of information, as stored on that page if you click on the days+/- section the airfares change throughout the month, allowing you to choose the cheapest days. Secondly you can choose the dates tab and see each day that the cheaper airfares have been cached.( I say cached as both the price graph and dates are based on old data, occasionally you will come across this when the suppliers price on screen goes up when you get to their own website)

Next is Skyscanner
Skyscanner�s starting point is on their map tab. This worldwide cached airfares section with hundreds of prices being stored from the last 15 days is a fantastic starting point to see which destinations have been reduced.

The Map section has a few little gems to use too. There is a drop down to chose different months, which has even more prices stored. A key feature that skyscaner does not advertise that much is their price slide. Using the slide you can see in an instant, destinations that match your budget.

Momondo, Kayak or Kiwi
Two extra meta search engines I feel deserve a mention are Momondo and Kayak for their extra online travel agents(OTA) they have included in their search results.

To top your cheap flight alerts show down with the meta search engines check out They delivers a unique set of search results due to the fact they are predominately offer budget airlines together with schedule airlines worldwide. What is so unique is that they are guaranteeing the connections of the flights schedule they display on screen.

Why use us instead.
With our understanding of Airline Airfares Systems know as Global Distribution Systems (GDS) we use these systems first to find all airline updates each day. Our inhouse database will sort them and show which have been updated with the best prices including tax. It is only at this stage do we use Google flights or Skyscanner to find an even cheaper fare for you.

This different way of searching will make sure we never miss a reduction in price. (We are currently only doing this from the UK)

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