How to find cheap flights at Christmas.

Those hard to find Christmas and New Years dates

cheap flights at Christmas

Christmas is one of the most beautiful and charming time of the year. Many of us start planning the holidays early and look for a possibility to get away from our usual surroundings.

The problem many of us face is the expensive flights during this festive time. Check these useful tips below on how to find cheap flight alerts at Christmas

Dont want to miss out on an airline error mistake fare at Christmas again?

Stay Flexible

Christmas or not, staying flexible is always one of the strongest advice you will get when hunting for those cheaper flights and there is more than one way to be flexible.

First, look for one ways as they offer a higher class which is sometimes available on peak Christmas dates

Look at the maps of the airlines for the destination you are looking for and see where they fly via to see if you can find an alternative route. For example United mainly fly via Washington or Newark but sometimes they have more availability via Houston as the flying time is longer and not always displayed by the meta search engines.

Another great tip is to Look for code share flights, look up all the alliances and try those airlines via the code share route. For example Emirates have a code share with Qantas so have a look for flight via Dubai but on Qantas to see what can be found.

Smaller airports is another great trick, again check the world maps and see where there is a closer airportto your destination. For example Florida is often busy at Christmas and Orlando in particular. But Fort Myers or Melbourne (yes a place in Florida and not just Australia) are 2 smaller airports only 2 hours away from Orlando and often have more availability. to those destinations.

Choose an airline that will allow an overnight onwards to your destination to see if that can offer more availability. For example Qatar airlines offer an overnight in Doha and have more availability on their early morning flights or long connection flights.(upto 24 hours)

And finally you can look at each leg of the journey as a one way sector as some of the airlines have more avalible flights from different countries. For example you could fly to Amsterdam on Ryan Air stay a night then fly onwards on KLM to your destination.

Hopefully you will find your ideal destination at cheaper prices using these tactics. Make sure you check out our How to find cheap flights at Easter for more flight tips at busy school holiday times

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