Cheap Flight Alerts at Easter.

Those hard to find Easter school holiday travel dates

Cheap flights at Easter

Easter, just like other school holiday periods are one of those busy times of the year to fly. Are you one of them? If you are, then look no further, here at Bobs flight alerts we are going to go through some of the best tactics and advice on how to find those cheap flights at Easter!

Dont want to miss out on an airline error mistake fare at Easter again?

When To Book?

Next year Easter holidays are from the end of March 2020 until mid April 2020 depending which UK school you go to. So when is the best time to book the cheaper flights and turn your Easter into an egg-cellent holiday?

According to Skyscanner the month of June is the best time to book flights for the Easter holiday months of March and April Another option is to book 28 days before travel ( last minute Easter holidays) as a lot of the airlines cancel any unticketed reservations then. The BIG problem is you won�t know where you are going to.

Flexibility Is Your Friend

Combining these two or at least using one of these methods is time tested and always recommended for finding cheaper Easter flights.

Lookout For Flash Sales

Flash sales come and go, and it is all about the timing, well partly. As some of the cheap seat sales offer amazing prices just no availability during the Easter school holidays. So your best bet is to take the first flash slae that comes along and book early. Often these sales are 12 to 18 months in advance (Virgin Holidays and Thomas Cook both booking this far in advance) and some even come with free kids places too.

Additional Tips & Tricks

Higher class added This one is really hard to find as it not down to cost of a flash sale or even an error fare. This one is down to the airline adding a cheaper than normal cost to a high class (each class normally represents a fare so the lower the class the lower the fare, but occasionally the airline loads a cheap fare but in a high class meaning there is more availability which is key to finding those already busy flights.)

Connect The Flights This could be a lifesaver, especially for long-haul trips across the oceans and to the other continents. Let�s say you fancy the Caribbean or somewhere in Latin America, and you're in Europe. A very good example is the city of Miami which has tons of daily flights to these destinations with good prices. Try and then search for good deals from there.

Be Aware Of Fees. Always pay attention to additional fees if you are looking for the cheapest possible cost. Anything from luggage, to seats with more legroom. Sometimes these fees can even cost more than the ticket itself.

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