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Frequently Asked Questions

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Make sure to check out our FAQ's before emailing any requests.

Oh Yes! and we will send you our amazing cheap flight prices that we find once or twice a week, just sign up today. Don't forget to check out our premium service for even more flight prices found.
Sure! to start with please add our email address ( to your contacts list as they maybe stuck in your spam mail. If there's still no sign, email us at and we'll sort it for you.
The best savings are on international flights so we tend to start there, however if an amazing price nearer to the UK is found we will certainly be emailing it to you.
Saving you money!! thats what our premium service is all about. Making sure you get on your next flight within a year. Mistake fares, flash sales by airlines, tax errors and wrong seasons loaded is what we know best, so take full advantage and make sure to sign up today.
It is something we would like to offer, it won't be like a normal travel agent though. Your flight dates, departure and destination airports will be put on our database, so we wil be able to get hold of you when we find them. ( This service is only available on our premium subsription service ).
With combined airfare knowledge of over 75 years we have a massive understanding of airline fares. That mixed with the metasearch engines and airline reservation systems plus our own database of all the current taxes, we know and can see straight away when a price doesn't look right. It will then appears in your inbox.
Mission accomplished!! Glad we could be of help, all we ask is for you to spread the word and send us your feedback.
Two reasons mainly, first as travel specialist we understand how to arrange an open jaw, domestic addon or free stopover fare, so they can sometimes show the best prices. And second (sometimes for no extra money) you get to stay at even more destinations.

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