How to find cheap flights to Australia.

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Finding Cheap flights to Australia in 2020

The sunny skies and exotic natural surroundings have been inviting visitors from all over the globe since the rise of aviation and modern travel days. But visiting this distant yet incredible corner of the world that is Australia is not easy as the flight prices usually leave us speechless. And all the variety of airports and locations can seem daunting as well. No worries, let�s discover some tips and information to help you out and possibly hunt down those budget-friendly flights!

When to Travel

While Australia is just simply massive and mostly warm and hot throughout the year, the weather still varies quite a lot in certain regions and months. For example, famous cities like Sydney gets around 340 days of sunshine per year. Pretty cool, right?

    To sum up Australia�s weather in general, there are four different seasons.
  • Spring: September � November
  • Summer: December � February
  • Autumn: March-May
  • Winter: June � August
  • Looking to combine Cheapest time to travel and still have enjoyable weather?

    Hands down the Spring and Autumns months, which are the best chance to find a balance between the wet season and the burning sun. They are also the cheapest months to fly as it avoids summer break, school holidays and Christmas traffic that are spiking at high prices.

    Where to Land

    Australia hosts hundreds of airports and is simply fantastic for local flying and travelling. But keeping the attention on international travel and arriving in Australia, these airports should be the main focus.

    Sydney Airport. Serving 46 million passengers a year it is the busiest airport in the country with 46 domestic and 43 international destinations available.

    Perth Airport. Named best airport for overall service and quality in 2018, it comes with both domestic and international flights and is located 10 km from the Perth central district.

    Melbourne Airport. The second busiest airport in Australia and the main one for international flights in the Melbourne area also hosting a budget domestic flights terminal. Located 23km from the Melbourne city center.

    Brisbane Airport. Another major international airport with 31 airlines reaching 29 international and 50 local destinations and is the fifth best performing airport in the world. It is located 6km north-east of Brisbane.

    How To Find Cheap Flights

    Flexibility Is Key. You probably heard this already, but when looking for cheaper options to Australia this is important like never before. Australia is just filled with local airports, budget domestic flights, and airlines. Try to consider connecting your main destination with a budget local flight.

    Consider Low Season. Summer in Australia is just immensely packed and is often expensive. Try to plan your trip in low season which is still nice with plenty of possibilities and activities.

    Book Early. If you certainly know when and where you want and need to be. Then wait no longer, and apply this golden rule. Booking as early as possible will result in cheaper tickets.

    Use Internet To Your Advantage. There�s a lot you can do on the internet to get that flight without breaking a bank. Start with Google Flights as their calendar tools or graphs show you exactly when to travel at the cheapest time. They are not however where you will end up booking as they only show the airline's own fares. Next head over to either Skyscanner or Momondo to see if the dates you have chosen are cheaper with an Online Travel Agent (OTA). Skyscanner also have a calendar tool that shows prices which are up to 8 days old (so use with caution) but they are a great way to tell if you have found a good deal.

    These tips very well apply for festive holidays like Christmas or Easter as the prices will certainly get more expensive, especially Christmas as it is celebrated during the already busy summer month of December in Australia.

    Booking early, staying flexible and avoiding popular days and weekends remains the main guidelines in search for cheap flights to Australia

    Key airlines that we find for cheap flights to Australia

    China Southern - Having recently received a 4 star rating China Southern have become a major player for long haul flights from Europe.

    Singapore Airlines � Having won numerous awards and being nominated as airline of the year plus having a 5 star rating this is the one to chose. As you can image not always having the cheapest flights, they do however offer Flash sales 2 or 3 times a year. Using our service you will notified as soon as they come out so you will never miss out on these.

    Eithad/Cathy Pacific - Another two fantastic services again both with a 5 star rating should definitely be on your watch list. Bobs Flight Alerts will of course inform you as soon as their specials are released.

    Flights to Australia at Christmas and New Year

    Travelling at Christmas to Australia will be the most expensive time to fly. But with our help on booking early or using combinations and single flight options will make it possible for you to travel during the Christmas school holidays 1st to the 4th of January returning are the most expensive dates.

    Flights to Bangkok at Easter time

    Finding cheap flights during the Easter holidays is not a problem if booked in advance. We had (unfortunately lots have sold out now) a fare of £524 on United airlines on peak school dates) so it's all about booking early if possible. Occasionally wrong airline classes get added which helps all the peak dates, as it means the cheaper prices are offered in high season. We will of course be sending out our cheap flight alerts when this happens.

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